Take Care of ‘Em

thAJWIQFDSI remember as a child enjoying Earth Day in the park. Where we learn how important our earth is important to our existence. How we are all responsible for this planet. Just like Captain Planet. Every year we would take a walk through the woods, identifying plants and trees, pick up litter, and then we would plant new trees. In addition, the city would give us a small tree to take home and plant in our yards with our family. We can watch it grow and mature as we mature and grow. It was really neat, you know, to this day I can go to my parents’ house and see the tree I planted with I was six, seven, and eight years old.

One of the things that they taught us doing these outing is how to care, trim, and prune plants, shrubs, and trees. Understanding their benefits and technique. It really makes a difference. However, for those that are not taught they may not understand this. Not understand what a defense a little tender loving care makes to any growing thing. No matter if, it is a tree, pet, or even your own personal grooming techniques.

All of this knowledge and understanding paid off when I was older. When I was in high school, we were challenge to do a study to see if tree trimming really benefits a tree. In addition, we had to create a way to explain and publicized what we found in our research. It needed to be so simple to understand that anyone should be able to get it. Techniques, benefits, and understanding.

To do this my partner and me bought two trees one we groomed on the regular and the other we let do its own thing. After going online and to the library we look for the best way to groom, trim, and prune a tree. What type of water and fertilizer to add to the tree and how much light it needs? We gave one of the trees the optimum type of life that was control by us. The other we left alone, did nothing to it, and allowed nature to take care of it. All we did was pant it outside and recorded everything in our photo journal. Over a course of the school year, we did all of this and recorded our findings. It was amazing.

What we discovered that nature does a great job at doing what it is supposed to do. However, the tree that we manipulated with our own techniques and additives was gorgeous as well. It also had a nice symmetrical appearance that was very pleasing to the eye. All of our work really greeted a very dense foliage, with a beautifully rich shade of green, and a nice spread.

If you want a uniform look among your landscape the tree trimming and pruning is the way to go. There a reason we try to manipulate the things it just comes out prettier. What is great is if done properly it will not harm the tree in fact it can serve as a great benefit. You just have to know what you are doing, or better yet go with a tree service. On the other hand, Mother Nature is queen but with Mother Nature comes things that cannot be control. If you are already trimming and pruning your trees or have someone doing for you, you can monitor for things such as disease and weaknesses.

Therefore, this is what we put in our report and our fictional public service announcement.

2016: Here I Come!

th0WJHVL27One of my most cherished time of year is quickly approaching us. Yes, it is about that time of year, when hope rises, dreams are dreamt and chased, when it feels as if anything can happen. A day that I wait all year for, anxiously planning and plotting how to spend it, how to celebrate it. In a few short weeks, it will be here! Can you feel the excitement in the air? It is almost New Years!

This year had its difficulties, its curveballs and straight shooters. Yes, it was quite a year. Although I have learn many a lesson, celebrated and grieve, I propelled through this year without any regrets.   I hope that this upcoming year will be the same.

I have been trying to figure my plan for next year, what are my goals, my aspirations. At the end of twenty sixteen where of I hope to be. What life do I hope to have lived? After some consideration and thorough soul searching, I know what I want to have accomplished next year. Here are my New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year. I hope and expect to be as successful as accomplished them, as I was this year and the years in the past.

Open a Tutoring Center for Underprivileged Kids

For years, I have wanted to do this, open a Tutoring Center I have been planning and arranging. Since my online business, the peer-to-peer reviews app and site is so successful I now have the resources to build such an institute.

As a child, I benefited greatly from a tutor. At the learning center on the corner from my grandmother house who lived in the town neighboring. I have a large family, many brothers and sisters, which made it hard for financially sometimes. More so in my youth then my liters years. Anyway, my grandmother lived in a very affluent town; their learning center was free to its residents. Since I had trouble with reading, I could never sit still enough to enjoy the written word. Luckily, many books are audio so that is no longer an issue.

As I was saying it, really helped I discovered what my weaknesses was with academics and it equipped me with the tools to overcome them and become a success. I know that it was their help and teaching allowed me to excel in school as I did.

I would love to pay it forward. To give other kids that may whose families may not be able to give their kids the best opportunities because of finances. Still want the best for their kids. Like my parents did for my siblings and me. They sacrifice their time and energy driving me from one town to another, three days out of the week and Saturdays.

A Family of My Own

I dearly desire my own family. I shall be getting married next year in March.   Just a small ceremony with close friends and family in a cute little alcove down by the river. I want to have children as soon as possible. What can I say I have that itch? In addition, my soon to be husband feels the exact same way. It is great when you marry your best friend since the third grade. We already know each other’s as friends. In addition, our families have been hoping for this for years, now everyone will be happy. Most importantly ME!

That is it. This year my list is small. After all the success of last year, I really do not need or want that much. Just the two. I cannot wait to see how I blow this year out of the water.

Knowledge is Power

thCZPYN0U9As they say there is more than one way to skin a cat, likewise there are more than one way to trim a tree. There are a variety of tree trimming and tree pruning techniques. Each with their own purpose and reason for introducing it into your landscape. Never be shy try something different in your life, in your yard. You never know what you may like. On the other hand, what looks best? Please believe that all tree trimming and tree pruning, if done properly, will make your trees stronger, healthier, and prettier. That is the whole reason we do it, is to encourage a happy, dense, and green foliage.

The next time you trim, prune, or call a tree service consider these cuts for your lovely greenery. In addition, add a little spice to your landscape.


We all have seen this type of pruning done but most of us have no idea what it is called or that it has a name. Espalier pruning is usually done around big gardens or places where the yard or garden is a place of focus. One that must be beautifully kept and care for. Think of those sweeping yards that serves as background to great castles and homes of the rich and super rich. Espalier is when a vine is trained to creep and crawl around a wire to create a design or wall of some sort. I always imagine those beautiful walls of roses from the cartoon movie Alice in Wonderland.

Scaffolding Branching

This is done when a branch located in the central part of the trunk is encourage to become part of the interweaving of the branches. This is usually accomplish by trimming back all weaker and less supportive banks. This is also great for keeping any number trees on a property looking natural and beautiful while giving each a look of uniformity. I often think of like government buildings or schools where the trees are perfectly tree shaped, if you know what I mean. Each being having a balanced symmetry while all looking a carbon copy of the other.


This is similar to the previously mention Scaffold Branching. Whereas the former is used mainly for large structures such as trees the latter is normally used for smaller structures such as hedges. However, essentially it is for the same reason. To aid the hedge in minting a beautiful natural shape while keeping symmetrical and uniform to enamoring hedges. This like all proper pruning and trimming encourages growth density and plant life longevity. While allowing for each hedge a more formal look like a well maintain city building or office building. That is how those lovely green square, rectangle, and perfectly cone like shape is achieved. We will all have some homes where they allow their hedges to run amuck. It just is not pretty. With a little tender, loving, care you can achieve a beautiful landscape too.

No matter if you are smart like me and hire a tree service or some type of do it yourselfer McGivern type everyone can achieve these looks in their garden. All it takes a little planning and patience.   Especially if you decide to tackle it on your own without any previous experience. Keep in mind that over pruning and trimming can have detrimental effects. Leaving you trees, shrubs, and hedges more easily ridded with disease, illness, or death. Take your time; do you research, and plan

We All Need a Check Up

th (21)Like anything, maintenance is the key to keeping a good thing going. This does not matter if it is a relationship, a car, or a HVAC system. Taking care and maintaining something is ever so important to its longevity. Just think what happens when you or I do not take care of ourselves? If you don’t go for those routine checkups, or maybe stop exercising or eating right? We fall apart. In fact, many of the health problems that are affecting us as a nation is simply because we stop maintaining our bodies, minds, and spirit. This leads to illnesses and disease.

In addition, no one wants that. This is the same for your Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling System. Every six months its advices and is most cases warranted that your system receive a checkup if you will. Have a license technician come out and service the system   also this is a great time to have your heating and cooling ducts clean and clear out from any debris. Not only will this increase the longevity so you can enjoy the seam heat and air conditioning for many years to come it also serves as a way to reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and animal hair floating around the air in your home. Many of us do not realize how much our system do as far as providing us with clean and clear air.

Another thing that is great in maintaining a great system that I recently started doing in my own home. Is greasing and lubricating all the monger parts in the system.   Keeps all the parts moving smoothly and without any issues? Nothing like a well-oiled machine to keep everything chugging along. I started doing this after I had to replace my previous system because the motor seized up on my because it had runout of oil and all the lubricant had dried up on it.   Therefore, I vowed to not let that happen again immediately. So far so good.

Every month you should check out all air filters that is on your system. This is especially true if you have pets. Pet hair is notorious for getting everywhere. Trust me; I have two long hair cats and a dog. Their shedding is enough to knit at least one sweater a month. I have always kept up with this one maintenance routine. So often, we forget to check this, without a clean air filter your system has to two to five times as hard trying to pass air to heat or cool it. Do not allow the filters to become clogged. You will regret it later.

This is something that I like to do myself I am not sure if it makes any difference. Nevertheless, every month when I check out my filter to see if it is ready to be removed, I also take a cloth dampen it with some warm soapy water and wipe my heating and cooling system down. I clean its outside like this for my furnace. For my central air system, I like to include a vacuuming with my shop vac. It does a great job of removing twigs, dirt, and leaves that may have accumulated from the elements.

When you invest in things like a home, a car, or in this case a great HVAC system then take the time for a little TLC. Just like, you need a little boost, love, purity, and attention, so does the items that, you paid for, then too need these same things. Do not let them waste away because of forgetfulness or carelessness.

Another Year Gone

th94BPTYDMIt is so wild to think about it. How fast time fly’s. It is amazing. It seems like it was yesterday I was welcoming two thousand and fifteen with a bang along with my friends and family. I was enjoying nachos and Pepsis. With my streamers, hats and fireworks. Now it is almost time to say good-bye to this year and hello to the next.

Which has me thinking, did I finished this year as I planned? I had goals and a planned on what I wanted to do and accomplish and how I wanted to do it. Now as it gets closer and closer to the end I do not know if I have even come close.

Have I lived a year that I regret or did I make the most of it? As I try to answer these questions lets go over my New Year’s resolution for twenty fifteen.

Start my own business

Well since I was a kid, I always wanted to be the boss. As I grew older, I have greatly narrowed the industry to a personal consultant of sorts. Which is what I do. I am a personally consultant for lifestyle choices or a life coach if you will. I have a flexible schedule, I earn a great living with allows me to live a very comfortable and posh lifestyle. To boot I get to help people make better choices on a daily basis.   Therefore, yes I can check that part off my list as done and done.

Fall in love

Well, I did fall in love, twice. The first one was to my husband. We have been married for about seven months now. I met while I was helping one of my clients overcome a fear of public speaking. By singing silly songs in public. When I saw this man across the street starting at me with a smiled on his face and the warmest and kindest chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. In two weeks, we were married. By far the best decision, I have ever made.

Three months ago, we discovered that we are indeed pregnant. That my second love. I am so happy and exciting to meet our little bundle of joy that I can barely hold it together. So far, the pregnancy has been easy and each day I fall more and more in love with her. Actually, I have no idea the sex of the baby I just feel like it is a girl.

Buy a house

We plan to buy a house before the year is over. We have the money now we just need to find the right house. With me being pregnant each passing day my husband becomes more and more impatient. It is imperative that we find a home that big enough to accommodate our blossoming family and us. Right now, this studio apartment is very cute and rent controlled but very small. There no way we can squeeze a baby in here.

I had a few other things I wanted to do or accomplish this year but those were my three main ones. The ones, which I felt, was most important to do.

What I did not include on my list, what is the most important things to me. Is my happiness. To find happiness and I am one of the lucky ones. I can honestly answer with yes. Yes, I have found a happy life that I hope to cherish and nourish.