Another Year Gone

th94BPTYDMIt is so wild to think about it. How fast time fly’s. It is amazing. It seems like it was yesterday I was welcoming two thousand and fifteen with a bang along with my friends and family. I was enjoying nachos and Pepsis. With my streamers, hats and fireworks. Now it is almost time to say good-bye to this year and hello to the next.

Which has me thinking, did I finished this year as I planned? I had goals and a planned on what I wanted to do and accomplish and how I wanted to do it. Now as it gets closer and closer to the end I do not know if I have even come close.

Have I lived a year that I regret or did I make the most of it? As I try to answer these questions lets go over my New Year’s resolution for twenty fifteen.

Start my own business

Well since I was a kid, I always wanted to be the boss. As I grew older, I have greatly narrowed the industry to a personal consultant of sorts. Which is what I do. I am a personally consultant for lifestyle choices or a life coach if you will. I have a flexible schedule, I earn a great living with allows me to live a very comfortable and posh lifestyle. To boot I get to help people make better choices on a daily basis.   Therefore, yes I can check that part off my list as done and done.

Fall in love

Well, I did fall in love, twice. The first one was to my husband. We have been married for about seven months now. I met while I was helping one of my clients overcome a fear of public speaking. By singing silly songs in public. When I saw this man across the street starting at me with a smiled on his face and the warmest and kindest chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. In two weeks, we were married. By far the best decision, I have ever made.

Three months ago, we discovered that we are indeed pregnant. That my second love. I am so happy and exciting to meet our little bundle of joy that I can barely hold it together. So far, the pregnancy has been easy and each day I fall more and more in love with her. Actually, I have no idea the sex of the baby I just feel like it is a girl.

Buy a house

We plan to buy a house before the year is over. We have the money now we just need to find the right house. With me being pregnant each passing day my husband becomes more and more impatient. It is imperative that we find a home that big enough to accommodate our blossoming family and us. Right now, this studio apartment is very cute and rent controlled but very small. There no way we can squeeze a baby in here.

I had a few other things I wanted to do or accomplish this year but those were my three main ones. The ones, which I felt, was most important to do.

What I did not include on my list, what is the most important things to me. Is my happiness. To find happiness and I am one of the lucky ones. I can honestly answer with yes. Yes, I have found a happy life that I hope to cherish and nourish.