Alex Casnave

thDZM26H8ASometime I can’t help but think to myself is this really my life?  Because it is just so awesome, you know?  I can’t hardly believe that this young girl from the eastside of Detroit could have built or rather is building such a legacy.  An empire really.  No one knew I would be this great, no one except my family.  They are the only ones that are not surprise. I think.

A few years ago I started my business a peer to peer review of businesses, services, and restaurants.  Similar to others found on the web.  How I different is mine are all video entries and it must be verified by a location stamp.  So no fake reviews or paid reviewers that other sites have.

When I am not busy building my business I enjoy ballroom dancing and rebuilding engines.  If this business did not succeed I had plans on starting my own auto shop.  I love cars and rebuilding engines in particular.  My father is a mechanic and love his Chevys.  Since he was not blessed with any sons he past on his car knowledge to us girls.  Two of my sisters own car repair shops, one a car dealership, and another works as a mechanical engineer for major auto corporation designing cars of the future.

Some day I hope to marry and have a large family of my own.  Until then this is my baby Muzie Peer Reviews.  And I love it.  I think in like five years I may retire if everything go according to my plan.  After retiring I will open that shop and invest in my sisters’ businesses.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  Here I will submit different pieces.  Some are my personal reviews of different businesses and services.  Then a few on my own opinion and inferences.  Just a little insight into my life, hope you enjoy!